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Celebrating the many people who 
transformed their lives with My Brilliant Self Coaching

Co-Active life Coaching for Entrepreneurs and Professionals who want to connect even more with their Innate Creativity, Inner Confidence and Soul Pilot

'My new job is great - so grateful you took the time to coach me on that day!! Will never forget it.. I feel like I've really progressed professionally & I've met some great people' Dan, Brighton

'As if by sheer intuition and through her colourful and creative connection, Maddie led me in every direction I needed to go. She made me feel successful, believe I was successful and be successful. I cannot recommend her highly enough.You are a star! Kindest Always, James.'  James Whishaw, Business Mentor & Life Change Consultant

'Maddie is a coaching angel. She brings warmth, fun, laughter and deep intuition to her coaching - plus she has the most beautiful voice that could charm the birds from the trees. She has helped me access parts of myself I have kept hidden for some time and I have basked in the glow of her warm regard. She is wise, patient and a joy to work with' Jane, UK

'Thank you for your wonderful coaching in London last week. You have a powerful presence - a real aura crackling with compassion and curiosity! I was able to talk so freely - brilliant connection' Becky, London

I just had the most wonderful session with

Madeleine P Wober to create my life purpose statement!! It truly gave me all the feels and was such an incredible experience!! I highly recommend this!! Thank you so much Madeleine!! Rebecca, New Hampshire, USA

'Maddie's positive energy is radiant, and makes her instantly likable.  The combination of huge confidence, excellent listening, and super intuition means she always got straight to the core of every issue we discussed, with a clear path forth to fulfillment. I'd highly recommend Maddie ... her ability to make me feel empowered was breathtaking.' Steve Hamilton-Clark, CEO & Founder, The 18th Camel Coaching & Consulting Ltd

'When Maddie and I started our coaching sessions, my life looked dull, isolated from other people and with no purpose. My life consisted on taking my children to school, go back to my home based studio and sit down for hours in front of the computer trying hard to grow my illustration and stationery business on-line. With one single exercise, her support and guidance, led me to summon my life purpose and make my dream come true. A dream that was waiting to be awakened. Since starting her coaching sessions, I managed to touch the life of hundreds of people through my art, told my story in front of 600 people, inspired many others to pursue their dreams, and most of all, to see my children happy because I am happy. In every coaching session, Maddie turned a simple worry into an opportunity. With her unique way of seeing life and her "out of the box" approach to any given situation, I have learned to challenge my heart and mind and think beyond the regular life I live and turn it  into an amazing world of opportunities and excitement. Now, I carry with me the "Maddie sparkles" everywhere I go, knowing that I can bring them into action every time I need to face a new problem, worry or challenge.  Love you and forever thankful! Jazmin'   Jazmin Sasky, Artist, Be Real Designs,Vancouver

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