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I am so incredibly grateful and humbled to be able to share the following testimonials with you:

'Maddie Wober is an inspirational woman who knows how to magically turn what seem to be confused thoughts into clear concepts and feasible projects and then guide you to action to turn your dreams into reality - that is what Maddie achieved in just one session when we met for the first time and my when I voiced my confused jumbled up thoughts and Maddie somehow knew how to assemble all the diverse pieces like parts of a jigsaw and show me the finished puzzle with a clear image that represented my dream and how it could be achieved. I then went away and 18 months later when the time was right I decided to kick into action and bring the jigsaw image to life and Be Real Talks was born - and the icing on the cake was to have Maddie host our first sell-out event herself!. This girl is awesome!' 


- Stephanie Rosilio, Co-founder of Be Real Talks

I had a “Saboteur Session” with Maddie
I knew that it was going to help me (wasn’t really sure how or what was the dynamic) but the outcome was unexpected, the detail and precision of the session it was
unbelievable on point
After the session I felt asleep and when I woke up it was like I was a different person I was smiling and felt inner peace
Thank you!!! Forever Grateful 

- Anna, San Diego, California, USA

'Madeleine is brilliant to say that as a baseline. And she's so much more. She is warm, positive, open, and befriending of all the human stuff that arises in the process of coaching. Work with her to cultivate you inner amazing whatever! She will be your biggest fan and your honest ally in your discovery of your brilliant self!'


- Joanna Intara Zim MA LMFT, Licensed Psychotherapist, USA

'Coaching with Maddie is a fabulous fun roller coaster. With her innate creativity and amazing intuition she brings out of each session that which wants to emerge, often times the entirely unexpected. She is challenging, fast, gets you moving & shakes you up, whilst backing it all up with a wealth of warmth, sparkling personality & positive support.I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anybody who is interested in coaching & personal change' 

-Nina, Fashion Designer, London

Thank you Maddie for a wonderful Life Purpose Statement session. You are such a professional and passionate about working with your clients. I am so pleased with my statement and what it represents for me every day I read it. I get to thank you every day for inspiring our collaborative masterpiece! 

Keep sparkling my kindred spirit in your valuable work. You are so special️


-Carol, New Jersey, USA

' To describe what Maddie has done for me, no words are worthy. At least I am not expert enough to express how she has benefited me, and for the rest of my life. No sentence I come up with seems to penetrate to that depth. Working with Maddie has been such a source of wonder, almost every session left me astonished and permanently changed; energetically, mentally and spiritually.  An insightful nudge here and a compassionate prod there and before you know it you have become the resilient and centred person you are capable of being but, for X reason, weren't. A new mature quality permeates everything I do now. But, of all the many significant and invaluable breakthroughs I have had over the last 6 months with Maddie, the most powerful and comforting thing that I have been helped to realise, is that the best thing I can do to contribute fully to the world is to be me. The soothing serene joy and empowerment this brings is priceless' 


- Peter, Entrepreneur, UK

'I have met Madeleine in October 2012.I looked at possibility of finding Personal Coach for some time.When I unexpectedly found Madeleine web page, I felt Madeleine was right person to call. As some say "the teacher will appear when pupil is ready" During initial free consultation I have thought that Madeleine is an amazing, warm, friendly, resourceful and extremely optimistic person.I felt I have had 100% her support. Madeleine is an incredible positive-happy-bright soul. The changes in me after coaching; The things I thought of doing for last 20 years I started implementing after first section and every day I find and feel motivation to keep going strong.With ultimate goal of being successfully self employed. I strongly now believe that by putting in correct amount of effort everything is possible (without accesses).P.S. If you want to "change" your life you have to "change" yourself' 


-Ros, Entrpreneur, London

'Madeleine's energy and presence creates a wonderful place from which to participate in coaching. Her capacity to create trust and exploration is a rare talent. I'd have no hesitation in recommending her as a coach, leader and wonderfully engaging human being......' 


-David Harris, Director, Clent Life Science Ltd

'I've had the opportunity to experience Maddie's coaching first hand and it is incredible. Maddie is full of energy, really supportive and very optimistic - it's hard not to feel good about possibilities for the future when you are working with her! She is also totally committed and authentic and is not afraid to call a spade a spade.' Steve Colson, Imago Transformational Change Ltd/ Open Water Development Ltd 

So grateful for the session I had with Maddie to help gain clarity on my values to help guide moving forward in my business and life.

I came away with much more than that. It was so amazing - just as though she was mirroring everything for me even though she has never met me before.

Listening to Maddie‘s session last night on Angel cards, I wondered what my spirit animal or sign might be.  Incredibly, a humming bird showed up at her window when we were doing the session. The symbolism of the humming bird ran so true for me.
I would highly recommend a session with her!

(Cara, Saskatchewan, Canada)

'Maddie is a stunning coach, she is naturally challenging and authentic and her sparkling energy captivates anyone who comes into her presence. I have attended her Wonderful Women workshops and as a leader she supports and encourages everyone to think a lot bigger about their life possibilities - I left feeling truly seen and inspired'  Nikki Armytage-Foy, Owner and Coactive Life Coach, the Life Stylist/Founder of Electric Woman

'Well where do I start about Maddie firstly she is an amazing human being with a very strong & a vibrant personality who is full of confidence and a very balanced head on her shoulders as a individual and as a senior member of staff. I have very closely worked with Maddie over these last 12 months at the level of a senior HR Manager in order to embrace harmony in Paparazzi due to the various change management taking place in the company from actually undergoing mini coaching sessions myself in order to retain my levels energy and focus back in certain stressful work matters. The whole is experience of Maddie coaching you is absolutely mind blowing and very much a personal experience which can not only gain your focus back in your working life but also in your personal life too. With recession unfortunately creeping towards us people like Maddie can definitely add value and keep the ground running of any organisation with her fantastic coaching skills and above all you can acquire her services at your suitable time which is great as some of us require our batteries to be charged before stepping into work first thing especially now its coming towards the end of 2011 all organisations are going to rapid changes coaching session would work a cool breeze and so its worth while to engage these services when you need them the most. It's an honour to recommend such a person to provide coaching session on a 1-2-1 basis and to any kind of business or individual. Wish you all the very best in everything you do Maddie.' 


-Karuna Thapar, Senior HR Manager, Paparazzi Studios Ltd 

'Being it my first experience with a life coach, I found Maddie to be very hospitable and respective, which helped me to settle in quickly with this new experience. The quality of her skills made it possible to have an instant connection and mutual understanding. The sessions themselves were a pleasant surprise and I found it helped me through the smallest and biggest of life's challenges. Techniques that I learnt from Maddie have helped me develop as an individual and I have gained a great deal within my work and personal life. From managing my time effectively to seeing my greatest potential, to thinking outside the box with my management skills, to the way I handle objections in my life and some challenges that are forthcoming. Meeting Maddie has left me with sparkles of glitter for the rest of my life! Thank you Maddie.' 


-Maria, Paparazzi Studios, London

'Getting to know and work with Madeleine is truly brilliant! Very stimulating, fun, creative, with the "goal" in mind - always! She made me realise and also DO so many things about myself and helped me to get to and stay on the right track. THANK YOU! Looking for more... in the Future!' Sascha, Hairdresser and Stylist, Europe/USA 

'Maddie as a life coach has helped me in so many ways it's impossible to describe. I am a very independent forward thinking, stubborn individual but Maddie has always been able to clear my mind and see what I need to do and how to do it. To me she is an amazing Life Coach but that is not how I see her, to me she is a true friend and an amazing human being. She will be an amazing and an inspiring Life Coach to any and everyone - you'd be lucky to have her and crazy not to!!!!! Maddie I hope to always have you in my life xxxx' Anna, Paparazzi Studios, London

'Maddie coached me for 6 months! What an amazing 6 months! Session after session, I would come out with a new tool to use in my day to day life. I am now full of tools, that are adapted to me, talk to me; tools that I can remember and that I can use anytime depending on the situation. Let me give you a concrete example: sometimes when I get stressed or upset about something, I get tight in my chest and I have a knot just below my chest. Well, now, when I feel the knot coming back, my visualisation tool, is being on top of a mountain, standing, looking at the beautiful view and unzipping my "body zipper" from my throat down to my belly and letting the fresh and pure air come in and out and slowly letting the stress go out. Well, it is unbeatable, it works every time and actually, recently during my holidays, I was on top of that mountain and I unzipped my metaphorical zipper and let the fresh air come in and that was so powerful to give that tool a reality! So now i can imagine just how much more powerful it will be if I need to use it in the future in a stressful situation' Laurianne, London 

'Thank you for the coaching over the last few months. It really has made me look differently at things and I feel so much better about myself. I embarked on coaching from a career perspective, but what we've worked on has had a positive impact on my social and personal life too. I am so grateful to you and I would recommend you to anyone wanting a life coach. If anyone has hesitations, feel free to put them in touch with me - I'd be happy to explain in more detail what you've done for me' Nita , London SW1

'Maddie, throughout her coaching, not only helps you with any area of your life you want to explore and improve, but then also takes you up a level and leaves you empowered and in a state of mind that you would never have thought it possible to reach. I would recommend Maddie anytime to any of my friends that are ready to get coached and take their lives to the next level' 



'As a coach and as an individual Maddie is vivacious and authentic; she sees the best of who you are and challenges and supports you as you travel along your chosen path. Through coaching with Maddie I dealt with something significant in my life that I'd been doing a really good job of avoiding; her coaching helped me realize what the prize was for dealing with the situation and gave me the impetus and courage to do what needed to be done. I whole heartedly recommend Maddie as a coach  she will bring sunshine into your life!'  Sarah, Head of Audience Development and Brand, British Library, London 

'Maddie is a wonderful warm beautiful human being, with a wealth of knowledge, I recently had the great pleasure of having her share that wonderful gift of hers with me! My name is Catherine and I have always had a great need to try to please everyone, which can be very difficult to do, and sometimes I would feel like a failure when it didn't quite work out, until Maddie helped me realize it's ok not to please everyone I learned to say no, which also was a difficult thing for me to do, she introduced me to a very special person, someone I could talk to anytime without being judged and who knew me inside and out, that person was "ME" she taught me to be my own best friend & I have never looked back! Thank you Maddie for all you have taught me and for helping me believe in me. Love Catherine xx :-)' Catherine, Imagethirst Ltd, London 

'When I speak to you it makes a real difference' Tracy, Media Control Ltd 

'Maddie is a talented coach who gets to understand a person very quickly and is efficient at pressing the right buttons. She asks the right questions that help you find the answers which you have been looking for in order to take action in all areas of your life. After just 20 minutes of coaching, I realised that anything was possible, all my dreams could come true, all my goals could be achieved, as long as I really wanted it and It has given me the kick I needed to get started. On top of being a great coach, Maddie also has a very happy, fun and bubbly personality and has the ability to make anyone feel at ease. I would recommend Maddie to anyone who needs a fresh start or just a little help in life'  Emanuelle, Business Analyst, Marks and Spencer, London 

'Madeleine is pure sunshine and inspiration and lights up all those who she comes in contact with. Her wisdom uncovers the truth in every situation and her encouragement creates results. After just one session, you will be left feeling centred, strengthened and motivated. She will awake your sleeping dreams and refocus you into the direction that's right for you' 

Sarah, singer/songwriter, London 

'In the lead up to my session with Maddie,I had been questioning whether I was in the right job -and working in the right industry. I was feeling so stifled. Upon discussing my feelings with Maddie, I discovered a lot. I found that with letting my personality radiate through dress choice and colours it not only made my work life more radiant but I have since attracted more positive people into my life. I have also developed a better relationship with my colleagues. Life is like a bright painting!' Fiona, Stockbroker, London

'After receiving my session with Maddie I am already reaping the rewards. She made me ask myself the questions that deep down I knew I had to ask, but had been avoiding for years. She has such a way with words that helps you find the answers in order to see the bigger picture in your situations. Two weeks later i find myself meeting an amazing guy which is slowly blossoming into a relationship! This something i haven't been able to do for four years! Thank you Maddie :) Xx' Ryan, London

I never thought I was the type of person that would use the services of a life coach. I always thought that a life coach was for self indulgent  people looking for a shoulder to cry on. I agreed to a "taster" session with Maddie and that perception changed immediately.  I was in a very dark place when I started my sessions with Maddie and in a really short time that all changed. I am very positive, excited about the future and grateful for every day that I have. Maddie has helped me realise that I have a fabulous life ahead of me but it's up to me to make it happen. Using various exercises & tasks such as visualisation, creating positive life purpose statements & even giving me suggested reading & DVD's to watch Maddie has helped me understand that I have all the answers I just need to acknowledge that & take responsibility for changing the things I want to change about my life. Maddie is very positive, caring & a genuinely lovely person. I felt like I was talking to a long time friend who could see into my soul. I left every session feeling uplifted, supported & more important to me was I feel back in control. On a business level, what can I say! Due to my new found positivity & confidence my business has flourished to the extent that I have taken on a member of staff to help me out in the office as I'm so busy generating new business. I have even employed a cleaner to help me in the house so that my weekends are no longer spent cleaning, they will now be spent with my wonderful husband & children because that's what I deserve. I intend to keep using Maddie's services throughout my life at times when I feel I need some clarity & straightforward thinking & talking. I highly recommend Maddie's services as a Co Active Coach. The confidence I have gained during the time working with Maddie in 2011 has helped me grow my business in tough market conditions by seeing very day as a new opportunity to grow. I have of course recommended Maddie to friends & business associates alike in order that they can benefit in the same way that I have. Maddie I will always be heartfelt truly grateful to you for what you have helped me to achieve on a personal & business level. Maddie you are truly wonderful, thank you for coming into my life........wishing you the best of everything that you desire...Angela x' Small Business Owner/Entrepreneur, Scotland

'Madeleine is a courageous and beautiful woman. She brings lots of great energy to coaching. When working with Madeleine as a coach, she was not afraid of providing direct feedback and questioning a person's action in the moment. When questioning or challenging her client, Madeleine does it with great love and care. What makes Madeleine a fabulous coach is that she remains in the moment with her clients and provides the space for her clients to visit new places within the coaching session. I believe Madeleine has found her career calling in coaching' Silvia Alfonso, PMP as Senior Programmer Analyst at Department of Water and Power, Los Angeles 

'Madeleine provided me with a fantastic life coaching session. It was fun and very thorough! I achieved alot from the time I spent with Madeleine. Her skills are fascinating and she was very professional from start to finish'  Claire Gamble, Deputy General Manager at One Devonshire Gardens, Hotel du Vin Glasgow

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